Top 9 Superhero Movies Made In the 21st Century


The world of superhero movies has grown substantially over the years. There are many popular superhero movie franchises out right now with many new movies coming out every year.

In fact, film studios and comic book labels have gone so far into the superhero genre that they are planning new movies that won’t be released until as late as 2020. For instance, you would have to wait until July 27, 2018 for an Aquaman movie or April 3, 2020 for a Cyborg movie. There are also plans to continue many established superhero franchises or to “re-boot” them.

Superhero movies have especially become popular since the start of the twenty-first century. This listing of the top superhero movies from the past decade shows just how amazingly popular these movies are.

A quick note: The grosses listed here are worldwide grosses. That is, they include not only the domestic grosses they have gotten in the United States, but also the money that people have spent overseas to see them.

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) – $748 million

The X-Men film franchise has been moving along since 2000, and has brought in many great characters over the years, the most noteworthy being Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of group leader Wolverine. The series has grown over the years to include many different additional figures in the X-Men universe with Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender, among the many people who make appearances in 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The X-Men series has spawned a number of films since 2000. In fact, there have been some films in the series that focus on Wolverine above all others. However, it is the films that bring him and the many other X-Men together, that have proven themselves to be big hits at the box office.

This newest film in the X-Men series brought out a huge worldwide gross of $748 million. This film actually had nearly two-thirds of its gross coming out of the international market. This is a clear sign of just how popular the X-Men series is around the world.


As shown throughout the rest of this list, the international market has proven itself to be big with regards to bringing in more money for many of these already popular superhero films.

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