The World’s 10 Busiest Airports


Air travel has become almost commonplace these days and we have all had mixed experiences in the world’s airports. Some airports are a pleasure to pass through, others are a nightmare.

Interestingly some of the busiest airports are also the best run so we took a look at the 10 busiest airports in the world by total passengers passing through them. It is an interesting list and not all of these airports are in the countries you’d expect them to be in.

10. Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

The Suvarnabhumi Airport, pronounced “su-wa-na-pu-m”, is one of two international airports servicing Bangkok, Thailand’s capital. The other is Don Mueang International Airport.

This airport was officially opened for limited domestic flights in September 2006 and opened for most domestic and all international flights towards the end of that month. It is both the hub for three major Thai airlines (Thai Airways International, Bangkok Airways and Orient Thai Airlines), it is also a regional gateway in Asia.


Suvarnabhumi Airport hosts over 4,700,000 passengers each month, more than Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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