The 7 Busiest Train Stations in the World


Rail transport has revolutionized urban development and the spread of ideas for generations. Railway networks are almost ubiquitous and they remain popular options for billions of people who rely on them to commute to work; transport goods to markets and reconnect with friends and family.

Some regions have more developed railway networks than others and, in this article, we’ll tell you about the 7 busiest train stations in the world. These train stations are intersections of ideas, communities and cultures. Interestingly, each of the top 7 busiest train stations are in Japan.

7. Nagoya, Japan

The Nagoya train station is the 7th busiest train station in the world and one of the largest train stations by floor area. This station hosts the Central Japan Railway Company’s headquarters and features two towers. The office tower rises to 55 floors with the hotel tower rising to 59 floors.

The current station complex was completed in December 1999. Both it and the area surrounding it are officially called Meieki in Japanese. This station is one of the busiest terminals for the high-speed Tokaido Shinkansen train with more than 200 000 passengers for that train each day.


This station accommodates 17 lines with six island platforms for the Tokaido Main Line which is one of the biggest railway lines in Japan and operates in parallel with the Shinkansen line.

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