9 Places to Visit When Traveling to Italy


Often referred to as a “living art gallery” there is no denying that traveling to Italy opens the mind and soul to a bounty of beautiful sights.

Yet what stands out to many visitors is the distinct change in flavor as you traverse through the 20 different regions. Not only does each one offer its own inspiring attractions, but the signature dishes and desserts all incorporate local ingredients that make them unique. When you are a tourist in Italy, make sure that you not only treat your eyes, but also your tastes to the bounty of delights that Italy has to offer.

Isola di Burano

Most visitors to Italy will make Venice a stop on their trip, but many don’t know that just 7 kilometers away is another paradise surrounded by water. Technically an archipelago made up of four small islands, Isola di Burano is an intriguing Italian treasure.

As you traverse the channels that surround the islands you won’t be able to take your eyes off of the brightly colored homes that dot the shoreline. Disembark your boat and venture further in to find town squares cluttered with ladies embroidering Burano lace by hand.

Amalfi Coast

Local fish is always on the menu in Burano, especially “go” a common fish found in the Venice lagoons served fried, dried or as a base for soup. For dessert, locals indulge in a Bussula, a type of cookie that is best eaten with a steaming cup of cappuccino.

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