9 Places in China That Will Enchant You


Home to one of the world’s oldest, and best preserved ancient civilizations, this Asian icon is overflowing in incredible places to visit. Covering over 9 million square miles, there are sights to delight in in just about every nook of the nation. While there are hundreds of places in China that will wow you on a visit to this wondrous land, the following nine will take your breath away.

Anhui – Mount Huangshan

The diverse landscape of China includes a number of mountains but none as stunning as Mount Huangshan. Named in the year 747 AD, Huangshan translates to Yellow Mountain in the English language.

During that same time, it became a cultural magnet for Chinese poets and painters who used the majestic mountain as their muse in a number of notable works of art and literature. Home to dozens of temples and hundreds of species of varying wildlife, Mount Huangshan still remains one of the most loved natural resources in the nation.

Located in the southern portion of the Anhui province, the region is fed by all forms of transportation including a small airport, where flights from China’s larger airports routinely make landings.


To fully appreciate the vast beauty, it is recommended that you take a few days to explore Yellow Mountain.

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