9 Diseases You Can Catch Abroad This Year


This is not an article for the faint hearted. When you go travelling you take on board with you a whole lot of risk. That doesn’t just include the flight, the crazy foreign drivers, and the unforeseeable crimes. You are also entering a land where disease and infections are potentially more dangerous and alien to what you normally deal with back home.

In the following list you will find out about some of the nasty diseases you can catch abroad, and how to avoid it.

Travelers’ Diarrhea

This is probably the most common problem you will come across on your travels, but it doesn’t make it any less fun. With an estimated 10million people per year affected globally, you are not going to be the first or the last person crouching on the hotel bathroom floor.

You catch travelers’ diarrhea by having contact with contaminated water. Luckily, this infection is not life threatening in most cases, and can be treated by rest and plenty of sterilized fluids. Its best to avoid any raw food or unsterilized water to prevent getting this problem on your holiday.


If you are travelling to a developing country be on your guard, this is where it is rife – parts of Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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