9 Countries With The Worst Obesity Rates In The World


The fast food industry has boomed over the past two decades and has caused more health problems than ever before. Diabetes, cholesterol, depression and heart attacks are just a few that have been linked to poor diets. Obesity is no longer a growing concern, it is a dangerous concern for many countries around the world.

Previously only attributed to Western countries, the obesity problem has shifted to many developing countries that adopt the Western lifestyle. Put away your chips and chocolate, here are 9 of the worst affected countries with the highest obesity rates in the world.

Trinidad and Tobago

This beautiful set of islands actually has some of the worst obesity rates in the world. In a paradise location, it is estimated that around 30% of the population are overweight, especially in children.

Worryingly, this obesity problem has increased in a very short period of time.These types of health problems are causing huge debts in the Caribbean island, which is now reported to reach $5billion a year in medical expenses.


The rich food diet and the laid back island lifestyle has all impacted on this young generation’s weight problems.

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