7 Things You Didn’t Know about Berlin


Artists and Expats

Any city thriving with new growth sees its share of artists and expats, and Berlin is no exception, perhaps because it is the least expensive capital city in all of Europe. Low expenses, though, also mean low wages for many, even though Germany is the wealthiest nation in Europe.

Artists and expats with no real job are viewed by Berliners as having a sort of malaise; their lack of connection to the community raises suspicions and lowers levels of trust. The German economy thrives when its citizens work and contribute to the overall success of the city and the nation. Freeloaders and rule-breakers are not especially welcome. Locals view “hipsters” with suspicion.

Ironically, the city draws hipsters because of its dynamic and vibrant growth. The ambience in Berlin attracts artists and expats alike. You’ll find that Berlin is a great place to chill.


However, anyone moving to Berlin with the intent to remain for longer than one year must register his or her housing location in person within one week of moving in. Retired expats must prove financial solvency, and the “self-employed” must have substantial means to take care of themselves. It’s all about productivity.

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