7 Reasons Why a Cat Makes The Purrfect Pet


You often see cats occupying every corner of the internet, doing hilarious things, and are often associated with memes that blow up the web. Some people don’t like cats, usually as a result of some bad experience, they don’t understand them, or it’s just hard for them to deal with an animal that is as independent as a feline. Regardless of what your preconceived notions are about cats, below are 9 reasons why a cat makes the purrfect pet:

2 Are Better Than 1

The difference between getting two fur-babies, versus only one is very insignificant in terms of cost, amount of food, etc. In fact, if you work a full time job, are aren’t home most of the day, it’s highly encouraged to get your cat another companion to play with while you’re out.


This way, your cats will have each other to play and be entertained, but don’t forget that you’ll still have to devote time to properly feeding, brushing, and playing with them when you do come home.


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