7 of the Most Corrupt Countries


Corruption thrives in all countries around the world. Many people are cynical and they are rarely surprised at the thought that a nation has a disappointing government. In fact, we all know that the world is packed with dishonest people who have purely selfish intentions. Over 50% of the world’s population strongly believes that corruption is a severe problem and less than one third don’t believe that something can be done to ward if off.

Here are 7 of the world’s most corrupt countries in 2014.


Somalia has been home to all sorts of pirate groups that kept attacking ships off Africa’s Horn. Traveling to this country is not encouraged, and most ships boating in the area are advised to avoid sailing near the coast.

Somali farmers working in the fields in Kismayo.

In September 2014, the government of Somalia launched a campaign called “The Public Awareness Campaign”, meant to prevent corruption and bribery in the public sector and reinforce good governance.

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