7 Items You Never Pack But Should


Safety Pins

Safety pins are a traveler’s best friend, but they are also one of the most forgotten and hard to get hold of items when you are already on your vacation. This tiny item is a must, especially as they weigh barely nothing and take up very little space.

The safety pin is the perfect tool to use for any clothing related issues you might have, especially to hold together broken zippers or even prevent static on clothes. Parents love using safety pins on their children’s trouser legs when going on muddy or wet hiking trails.Another extremely useful way to utilize your safety pin is to hang your clothes with them.

There are occasions when you go travelling that you are stuck with wet washing and no clothes pegs. This is where you wish you had a safety pin. One of the worst nightmares for any traveler is pick pocketing or losing important items, so keep those things close to you by securing them with safety pins.

safety pin

A genius way to keep your keys together when travelling is by fastening them to the inside of your coat with your handy safety pins.

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