7 Items You Never Pack But Should


When you are an expert in travelling you know exactly what to pack and for what situation you need to be prepared for. However, the majority of us know the feeling of wishing we had packed that necessary item that would’ve been so useful in our current holiday circumstance. These aren’t special items you have to spend a lot of money on, you probably own most of them already.

So when you are planning for your next trip, remember these 7 items that you should pack to help your trip go from great to amazing.

Duct Tape

This might not be the most attractive of items to carry around, however it has multiple uses that could help you on your next trip. Have you ever had an exploding suitcase that happens to burst as you are at the airport terminal? Here is your first use for that small roll of duct tape.

By wrapping the tape around the case to ensure your clothes don’t fall out and will last the journey until your next destination. You can also use duct tape as a method of keeping prying hands out of your luggage, just remember to do that when you are out of the US.

If you already have a superb suitcase that isn’t prone to breaking then you might want to use the duct tape to hold together other worn items such as the soles of your shoes, your well used travel guide or even your broken sleeping bag zipper.

duct tape

For families that are travelling with children, duct tape is great for baby proofing your hotel room. Just stick it onto any sharp edges or securing draws or doors to keep your little ones safe.

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