7 Creepy Creatures That Feed On You And Your Home


You may think that your home is clean and you and your family are the only residents, except for the occasional spider. A closer look will probably reveal that your home is infested with a variety of creepy creatures that may just leave you cleaning obsessively for weeks. Here are 7 of the most common creepy creatures that live in you home with you.

Furniture beetle

Also known as a common house borer, this beetle burrows into wood and feeds on starch in wood grain. Adult furniture beetles lay their eggs into cracks in wood or old exit holes. The eggs hatch after about 3 weeks and the long, white larva spend the next 3 to 4 years burrowing through the wood before bursting to the surface to lay eggs and continue the cycle. These beetles don’t seem to like live or fresh wood and, instead, prefers seasoned sapwood timber.

Furniture beetle - Anobium_punctatum01

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