7 of the Cleanest Cities on Earth


In a world that is filled with loads of pollution, litter and waste, it is nice to know that there are still a few spots around the world where people are trying to keep things as nice and tidy as possible. Many of the world’s cleanest cities are ones that are not only beautiful and easy to breathe in but also use many standards to keep them as clean as possible.

Many of these well populated cities use various forms of environmental engineering to improve quality of life for their citizens and conduct environmental studies to assess their impact on the local ecosystem. Some of these solutions are technological. Most retain a human touch that better suits their people.

Calgary, Canada

Calgary is a very popular city that is home to nearly a million people. The city generates about three-quarters of its energy using renewable resources including solar power. In addition, the city has its own special program dedicated to recycling and reducing landfill waste. This comes from many special compost programs that are run by the city to ensure that landfills in the area will be kept as small as possible.

A central waste-water purifying plant is also located not too far outside the city. This is one of the largest such plants in the world in that it can handle about 100 million liters of water every day on average. This is a popular site among those who are studying green initiatives around the world.

Calgary imposes strong fines for littering, encouraging citizens to keep the roads clean. People can be fined as much as $1,000 Canadian Dollars if they litter Calgary’s streets.

The humidity around the area is especially kept in check thanks to how the city is laid out below the Bow and Elbow rivers.


These two rivers run right through the city, moderating the humidity to ensure that the area will be a little more comfortable for people to live in.

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