14 Asian Countries to Visit Before You Die


Asia, the world’s largest and most spectacular continent in the world covers 30% of the Earth’s land area. Packed with majestic travel attractions, abundant wildlife and diverse people, Asia is a unique travel portal that will leave you speechless. Breathe in deeply and allow your senses to explode with excitement.

From India’s farming villages to the extravagant cityscape of Tokyo, the beautiful Asian continent offers spectacular contrast and variety. Unlike any other continents, Asia is a spiritual region; infused with gods of the present and gods of the past, this land’s ancient spirits will draw travelers into a world they didn’t even know exists.

Throughout Asia’s countries you’ll come across the wisdoms of Buddhism, the rules of Islam and the deities of Hinduism and Christianity; packed with incredible shrines, temples and scared places, Asia is a peaceful place where tourists come to relax, unwind, meditate and pray. Ancient wonders abound – from China’s Great Wall and Angkor’s temples to the marvelous hidden attractions of Afghanistan, Myanmar and Nepal, Asia is a buzzing continent with a lot more to see and explore than meets the eye. Considering everything we just said above, here are 14 of the most incredible Asian countries you must visit before you die.


Asia’s most dreamlike country, Indonesia, is an archipelago that boasts nearly 17,000 islands. The people here speak 300 languages, so let’s just say we’re talking about a nation that’s quite intriguing. Whether you’re thinking of exploring Java’s territories or you’d like to walk through the wild regions of Bali, Indonesia’s diversities will definitely leave you speechless. On your adventure throughout the country’s islands you’ll see unusual lands, incredible scenery and even far-fetched attractions.

Everything about Indonesia is spectacular. With a number of people that goes beyond 245 million (the 4th largest in the world), Indonesia is a territory of many people, cultures, artworks, customers and traditions, foods and more. Most people associate Indonesia with Bali; one of the more prominent islands. Everything about Bali is exquisite – the tropical land, the beaches, the water activities, the accommodation facilities, and the people. The diverse culture and rich wildlife of Bali will make your trip to Indonesia become a memorable travel experience.


The essence of this beautiful region lies in its myriad of temples, traditional people and customary dances.

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