7 Amazing German Tourist Hotspots For You


Located at the very center of Europe, Germany is a powerhouse that rose from the destruction of the First and Second World Wars. It is a mistake to only associate modern Deutschland (a nickname of Germany, along with the “Fatherland”) with its tumultuous past. It is a breathtakingly beautiful country with a rich history that deserves a thorough visit.

The scenery, the castles, the historic landmarks, and, of course, Oktoberfest, the world’s largest fair that runs for 16 days where the beer flows and the sausages split over open fires Germany has something for everyone so pack your bags. We’ll point you to some amazing German sights, you’ll surely find more.

Rugen Island

As the name above suggests, Rugen is an island of Germany located in the Baltic Sea, and is Germany’s largest. Connected to the mainland by the Rugen Causeway and the Rugen Bridge, the island itself boasts many accommodations such as resorts and villas right along the ocean.

There are long stretches of gorgeous beaches to walk across with your loved ones, and many other charming, beautiful sights to see that prove that Germany can rival even the most handsome of locations in the Bahama region.


Of particular note is that Rugen Island is home to the Jasmund National Park, where its chalk cliffs rise 500 feet over the sea.

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