5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Mars One Project


The mere concept of having human life present on Mars has been a topic in science fiction, as well as science in general for the past few centuries. Roughly since the 1950’s, plans to carry out a human mission to Mars have been made, 10-30 years into the future. The main complication with traveling to Mars is that only one-way trips can be made at this time due to the lack of resources to fuel for the way back, among other factors.

Up until now, only various robots and probes have made it to mars, but one organization in particular, called the Mars One project, based in the Netherlands, plans to send humans to Mars on a one-way journey in 2027, in order to colonize it. The organization is fairly new, having began discussion in 2011, and here are 5 things you didn’t know about the Mars One project:

Astronaut Selection Is Highly Selective

In April 2013, the search for astronauts began, and over 200,000 people registered to be selected. The main reasoning behind this selectiveness are the psychological implications of living and dying on Mars.


Such implications include feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, loss of privacy, and most importantly: lack of mental health services to address these issues. Four astronauts will be chosen for the first mission, with a new crew coming every two years.

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