5 Places to Visit When Traveling to Mexico


The country of Mexico spans from gulf to sea to ocean, allowing for a variety of different beach and inland experiences for travelers from around the world. One time the home to ancient civilizations, the country has evolved slowly and contains drastic contrasts between modern day luxuries and old world living.

Wherever you visit you are going to find a unique environment and friendly people who relish the chance to make your vacation in Mexico a memorable one.


Located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, Acapulco first gained notoriety during the 1950’s as the beach to be seen on for the rich and famous from around the world. Today the area has been built to meet the growing needs of tourists from around the globe, but its stretches of beaches still provide a tranquil seaside retreat.

Acapulco has a number of different beaches for different tastes. Most are on the bay side, but there are also ocean side beaches where visitors will find Pacific waves perfect to surf on. For those who don’t want to frolic in the freshwater, there is a water park located on the main beach built for the little kids and the big ones. In here you can slide into pools, ride a coaster and swim with the dolphins.

Other attractions include the Quebrada Cliff Divers where professional divers leap off of a high cliff and stunt dive into a small body of water at its base. Or if you prefer a beach vacation away from the tourists, head to Puerto Marquez. East of Acapulco, this is a smaller bay area relatively free from the tourists flocking to the area. Here you are going to find more of a local flair both in your swimming mates and the variety of food establishments scattered along the edge of the beach.


The large area and access to different bodies of water make Acapulco a popular destination for water sport lovers. You’ll see water skiers zooming by in the water alongside jet skis and small fishing vessels. After a day at the beach, tourists head inland to a vivacious town with a very active nightlife. This vitality and versatility is what makes Acapulco still one of the most sought after Spring break vacation locales.

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