5 of the Greenest Cities on Earth


Vancouver, Canada

The Canadians are well known for being eco-friendly, and their vacation hot spot city Vancouver has won the Greenest City in the World Award in 2014. The local council and government has shown the world with their vision for 2020 that having a completely green city is possible.

Not only is Vancouver one of the cleanest cities in the world, its great climate and location make it a very desirable place to live. The future plans for this green city is to have a bike-way, instead of main roads people will be using bikes to commute.

The city is also tackling important issues such as animal habitation and ensuring that natural homes are not destroyed. The council has redeveloped neighborhoods so that people can now live closer to the business districts and can effectively walk to work instead of using their cars.


Not only that, the residents of Vancouver are encouraged to grow their own chickens and recycle their food waste in special bins that each home can have.

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