5 of the Greenest Cities on Earth


In this modern day world of technology, fast cars and fast lives, more and more cities are losing their natural space and air in return for dust and concrete. Our surroundings have become more and more unhealthy and unhygienic that people are now starting to wake up and demand a better quality of life within urban areas.

It is down to the persistence of people that governments and councils are taking notice and making changes to the way their cities are being run. The awareness of what is healthy and the need for sustainable living has also encouraged cities to implement new measures and techniques to improve its standards.

Cleaner and greener cities are now being recognized and used as role models for other places looking to also turn green. Awards are being given for the greenest cities in the world, which is prompting more municipalities to go green before it’s too late. It is not just taken on a small city level, these changes are having ripple effects on whole countries which is a huge improvement over the last decade.

Here are 5 of the greenest cities on earth that are making these dreams into a reality.


The fact that everyone rides bikes in Amsterdam immediately makes this city one of the greenest in the world. This is not a new trend either. Bicycles in Amsterdam have been popular for 50 years or more and its flat landscape makes it a perfect place for all bicycle activities.

The government has spent a lot of money on building great infrastructure to help people on bikes travel safely, and encouraging even the young to get involved. There is also a fun project happening in the Netherlands to build roads that utilize the movement of the bicycle energy for creating electricity.

Even without bikes, getting around the city is made for green living. From accessible walking paths, ecological restaurants, and pedal boats to travel down the canals, Amsterdam is the Eco lover’s dream city.


It is thought that there are more bicycles in Amsterdam than there are people. Makes you wonder why you need two bikes. When a city is nominated for numerous green living awards over the years you can see why it is in the top five green cities on Earth.

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