5 Countries That Are Still Monarchies


In our modern world of democracy, voting, politics and governments, its strange to think that there are still countries that royals still reign. To most people this is just a fairytale, a romanticised dream of being a princess or King, but to a fortunate few this dream is a reality. The old fashioned traditions of inheritance or marriage into the throne is still upheld, giving this group of people an elite status difficult to infiltrate by ‘commoners’.

There are still traditional monarchs in the world, where their power is absolute. These types of monarchs rule just as they would’ve done hundreds of years ago, imposing supreme authority over its people without a democratic influence. However, more common these days are the constitutional monarchs that do not hold such power over the land and are limited in their influence over governmental policies.

Constitutional monarchs are often the representatives of the country and appear at formal occasions. The public tend to love these monarchs and it often brings a lot of tourism and business to the countries they reign in.

Great Britain

The monarch of Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth II, may be the most well known and loved monarch today. Coming to the throne in 1952 at the young age of 26, Queen Elizabeth is currently the longest living monarch in history at the age 88.

If she is still ruling in september this year she will be the longest serving monarch, over passing her great -great- grandmother, Queen Victoria. Millions of people flock to London every year to visit royal monuments such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, both dwellings of the current ruler.

On paper she is supposedly able to pass law and even declare war, though the complex governmental system in Britain means this would not be able to happen. Though she has no political power, Queen Elizabeth attends and influences many important events such as The Olympics in 2012, where she acted alongside Daniel Craig for the opening ceremony and the yearly talent display at the Royal Variety Performance watched by millions.

Queen Elizabeth currently reigns over 16 sovereign states which are what people call the Commonwealth. She can say she is Queen of Jamaica, Barbados and the Bahamas if anyone asks. Not a bad place to be a Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen’s grandson, Prince William is also a much loved royal, who in the last few years has grown in popularity stemming from his marriage to the beautiful Kate Middleton.

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