5 Beautiful Sunsets Not To Miss



Cape Town in South Africa encapsulates a beautiful residential suburb called Llandudno. This town is named after the well-known residential resort also called Llandudno in Wales. The name comes as a result of the striking similarities between these two locations.

Llundadno has no street lights, shops or any sort of commercial activities and is littered with villas in this mountaineous region. Large granite boulders surround the suburb and lead down to Llundadno beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in South Africa. Here, you can witness an amazing sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. Take your loved-ones for a picnic on the beach, have a glass of wine and enjoy the spectacle.For brave and adventurous travelers, you can also make your way to Sandy Bay, one of the popular nudist beaches in South Africa. It can be little chilly in the evening so bring warm clothing. It is also a popular surfing spot, but the sea can be treacherous so its better to go in the summer when life guards are present.


But don’t forget to bring a towel just in case you are not as brave as you thought!

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