5 Beautiful Sunsets Not To Miss


There could be nothing better than enjoying a cool drink with great company. But imagine doing just that and watching a gorgeous sunset too. Most people when they go on holiday look forward to relaxing and seeing things they don’t see back home. And one of the main things is a sunset over a calm blue sea. This list will highlight some of the most beautiful sunsets from around the world, so when you are planning your next trip abroad, keep these in mind.


An exquisite place to see a sunset is at the Hof Hakarmel beach in Haifa. During the summer months, this beach has a variety of watersports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing. In the winter, you can find joggers running along the promenade as well as elderly people partaking in backgammon and chess games.

One of the few places in the Mediterranean where the sun sets over the sea, you can come for a coffee or sit down for a dinner on the beach promenade at one of the many restaurants; or witness a drum troupe welcoming in the sunset.

There are also a number of scenic hikes routes around the area, especially in and among the Karmel mountains which are nestled behind the beachfront. If you have the energy, you can witness this amazing sunset from the top of this mountain; you can even have a barbeque with friends as there are a number of locations on the mountain where barbecues are available.


This is a must if you are in Israel and you should also take advantage of all of the exciting locations North of Haifa, where you can also witness this amazing sunset.

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