16 of the Most Dangerous Cars To Drive


A huge factor in deciding which car to buy is its safety…or lack thereof. Without thinking twice, occasionally, there are people who purchase the least safest car without knowing, and without doing the thorough, proper research. Sometimes, these same people pay dearly for their ignorance. So, regardless of whether or not you’re thinking of buying a new car, here are 16 cars that are way too dangerous to drive:


Brilliance’s BS6

A viral video was spread online of the Brilliance BS6, and it became horribly synonymous with Chinese automotive safety, or lack thereof. This vehicle has absolutely no structural integrity, and as the video revealed, the slightest accident in this car will absolutely result in death.


Although China has been trying to become a major automotive manufacturing powerhouse, it still has a long way. Unless they really change their cars’ abilities to withstand some sort of force, they can continue to dream.

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