13 Inexpensive Ways To Keep Your Child Entertained This Summer


Yes, it’s that time of year again when you have to start thinking about what to do with the kids when school is out for the summer. We all know it’s coming and yet we still put it off till the last minute. The summer holidays are a parent’s worst nightmare, from boredom, to excessive amounts of energy, parents are always in search for an alternative activity to keep their little ones occupied. And not to forget how expensive it can get!

If you have children you will understand. If you don’t, you might want to learn a few tricks to become the favorite aunt or uncle. These 13 ways of keeping your child entertained will keep you busy for at least 2 weeks, if you are creative you can even drag it out over the whole month of August. Good luck!

Pull Out the Apron

One of the best and most time consuming (that’s said in a positive way) activities you could do with your kid is cooking. Getting them in the kitchen shouldn’t be limited just to savory meals, you can get the baking pans out and make the next best birthday cake. And kids just love chocolate.

If you’re thinking that this is an expensive activity, then think again! You can make some very tasty dishes with little financial investment. Just think about your childhood. Wasn’t your favorite baking recipe the rice krispie chocolate cakes in those tiny little muffin cases? I know it was mine.

If you want to try to be more creative, why not make cookie sandwiches, and ask your kids to come up with the most elaborate fillings. Or if you are a health nut, ask them to suggest health alternatives. This could be as easy as cream cheese with cucumbers. Your kids will just love being in the kitchen spending time with you.


You can do this activity with any age group of kids, just try not to let the mess get to you – this activity will make your kitchen, child and house dirty. Just go with it and watch your kids enjoy.

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