11 Ways To Be Crime Savvy Abroad


When you are planning your vacation abroad, you normally think about all the sun, beach and sand you are going to see and enjoy. Though you might not want to think about it, the crime rate against tourists is high, so it’s best to keep savvy when you are travelling to avoid nasty experiences.

There is no book to follow or specific rules, you basically have to have common sense. Be aware that when reach your holiday destination you can sometimes leave your common sense behind. Just remember to pack it. Here are 13 ways to keep you safe on your next holiday.

Keep Your Money Separate

When you travel, a big mistake people make is to think that their money is safer on them than in the hotel safe. Unfortunately this has led to many people losing their money to pickpockets or robbery.

If you are going to a country where you know there is a problem with pick pocketing, make sure that you always keep your wallet somewhere secure, either inside your backpack or in a money bag that is in front of you. It’s an automatic action to put our wallet or phone in our back pocket but this is just calling out to thieves to come and take it.


To be safe, only take enough money with you for the day. If you are unfortunate to get robbed you will only lose what you were carrying with you, not your whole holiday budget.

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