11 Most Delicious Desserts from Around The World


Arroz Con Leche, Costa Rica

This delightful Costa Rican dessert is the equivalent of rice pudding. However the secret ingredient to make your family and friends ask for more is the cinnamon. This pudding is packed with the spice and really compliment the flavor of the raisins.

You will need to have a sweet tooth to enjoy this dish, as its loaded with sugar goodness. Do you remember condensed milk? Well an entire cup of it goes into the rice, which helps it all stick together. It’s an easy recipe to follow so you don’t need to be a master chef to pull this one off.


With rice being the main ingredient, it’s quite a heavy dessert. You might not want to serve it straight after a big meal, so best to make it as a snack for when people come to visit.

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