11 Most Delicious Desserts from Around The World


What is the best part of going on holiday to a foreign country? For some it’s the weather, for others it’s the culture, but for most people the local food and cuisine is the thing they look forward to the most. More specifically, we all love to try out the delicious desserts our vacation has to offer. And why not? I mean we all know that there are no calories when we go on holiday, right?

Try imagine a cold glass of juice and a dazzling sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. What’s missing? A mouthwatering dessert you have never seen back home. This list of 11 delicious treats will get your juices flowing and your holiday lust skyrocketing. Maybe your next holiday will be based on the dessert you like most from the following delights.

Lacrema Catalana, Spain

The most famous dessert in the Catalonian region is called the Lacrema catalana. Even without understanding Spanish, just the name can get your mouth watering. There is a very high chance you will love this dessert.

What makes this ‘cake’ so delicious is the soft cream layered on the inside that just oozes out when you take a bite. The light traces of cinnamon and vanilla are a perfect combination to make you want more. Another layer of caramel sits on top and makes the initial bite sweet and tempting.


If you happen to be in Barcelona you should make sure to ask for one of these after your tapas. It is available all year round, but especially on Saint Josephs Day, 19th March. Why? You should ask the locals.

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