10 Expensive Cocktails That You Can’t Afford


Cocktails are a decadent aspect of any meal or outing. Whether they’re drunk in the context of a first date, dinner party, or just another night out, they’re undoubtedly the best way to finish (or begin) the evening. Luxury in this day and age is also an ever-evolving entity, and there are seemingly more and more ways to indulge in one’s self.

If you thought $14, or even $20 was expensive for your average cocktail, then the following concoctions are sure to not only burn a hole in your wallet, but might also cause you to file for bankruptcy:

Reka Moscow’s $50,000 Cocktail

In the heart of Russia’s capital of Moscow, the Reka restaurant boasts the world’s most expensive cocktail. It was only featured once, and created especially for the opening celebration of the restaurant.

The cocktail also had a 1.5 carat diamond in it, provided by the event’s jewelry sponsor. The buyer was Russian entrepreneur, Andrey Melnikov. The environment in which the cocktail was served included 120 meters of terrace, and pure Siberian ice to resemble Moscow during the winter. The restaurant itself is located in the heart of Moscow, with a stunning view of the Moscow River. The restaurant features a Karaoke club and lounge area, in addition to the 120 sq. meter terrace.


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